Multihost downloaders

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offcloud is the best multihost downloader i have found to date, still using it now. Supports a large range of hosts.

They also offer a free account with limits and a paid account for a very low cost.

With an Offcloud account, you have an unlimited access to a wide spectrum of premium file sharing services and websites, like and Rapidgator. You just need to paste their link into Offcloud and click Fetch.

Premium file sharing services offer faster downloads compared to free services and they offer premium content for downloading that is not available to free users.

Setting up an account for all of these premium file sharing services bears a lot of disadvantages, including the costs, the problem of managing all of the credentials (usernames and passwords) and the flat-out security and privacy risks that connecting to these services entails.

Offcloud spares you the pain by doing the hard work and stands between you and file sharing services, like Rapidgator. Your privacy will be protected, while Offcloud connects to services like Rapidgator.

You donít need any premium account by Rapidgator and you can benefit from our infrastructure with dedicated high tech servers and unlimited bandwidth.

Offcloud lets you download BitTorrent & Magnet files and connect to a variety of free and premium file hosting services without worrying about security and privacy implications. BitTorrent networks are Peer-2-Peer and can be dangerous due to their nature and architecture. In Peer-2-Peer networking, your computer makes a direct connection to its peer and there are no defined serving entities. Offcloud essentially acts as a tunnel and middleman between you and these networks or file sharing services. You stay totally anonymous behind Offcloud and our service becomes the vanguard of your downloading adventures.

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